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House Drinks

Vanilla Bean Latte  I  $5

house made vanilla bean syrup  - espresso - milk


lavender honey latte  |  $5

house made lavender honey syrup  - espresso - milk


Sparkling Espresso  |  $5

espresso shrub - fresh orange zest - sparkling water


Morning Wood  |  $6

house cold brew - espresso - milk - cinnamon - toasted pecan

Latin Cold Brew  |  $5

house cold brew - cashew horchata - aztec chocolate bitters


Hot Chocolate + Sea Salt  |  $5.5

dark chocolate ganache - milk - vanilla sea-salt


Lavender Rosemary Lemonade  |  $4.5

sparkling lemonade - fresh rosemary - lavender  


Arnold Palmer  |  $4.5

rosemary lavender lemonade - black or green tea 


Rose Honey Cardamom Latte  |  $5

perfectly floral with a hint of sweetness - hot or iced




Served HOT or ICED.    All espresso drinks can be DECAF.

Double SHOT  |  $3.5

AMERICANO  |  $3.5 

MACCHIATO  |  $3.75

CORTADO  |  $4

CAPPUCINO  |  $4.5

flat white  |  $4.5

LATTE  |  $4.75

MOCHA  |  $5


House Almond Cashew Milk     |  $1

House Vanilla Bean Syrup  |  .50¢


Cup of Coffee  |  $3

Pour Over  |  $4.5

Cold Brew  |  $4



Splash of almond milk  |  .50¢ 


Served HOT or ICED

MATCHA LATTE  |  $4.75

matcha tea - steamed milk - agave 



matcha tea - fresh ginger - agave

CHAI LATTE  |  $4.75

house spice blend - Indian tea - steamed milk


BREWED TEA  |  $3.5

choice of  green - black - herbal




chocolate ganache - milk

THE DYLAN  |  $3

steamed milk - honey

Served Daily 7:30am - 2:30pm

Not just for “Breakfast” Sandwiches

The Original  I  $8.5 

soft scrambled eggs, avocado, chives, cheddar, spicy aioli on a toasted brioche roll.
Add organic bacon  |  $3


Toasted Kale and Egg White  I  $9 

scrambled egg whites, roasted tomato, toasted kale, diced sauteed onion, sundried tomato aioli, swiss on multi-grain toast.

Baconwood  I  $12.5 

fried eggs, organic bacon, swiss, mixed greens, smoked paprika aioli on multi-grain toast, side of kale dressed in lemon                vinagrette.


Original Breakfast Plate   I  $8.5

soft scrambled eggs, avocado, kale dressed in lemon vinagrette, multi-grain toast.
Add organic bacon  + $3


Breakfast Bowl  I  $9 

scrambled eggs, avocado, chopped organic bacon, pico de gallo, multi-grain toast.

Protein Bowl  I  $10 

egg whites, pulled chicken, avocado, pico de gallo, micro cilantro.


Blackwood Tacos  I  $10 

scrambled egg, avocado, pico de gallo, queso fresco, chipotle cream, pickled onion, micro cilantro on two corn  tortillas.
Substitute pulled chicken + $3

Toasts, Sandwiches & Bowls

Classic Avocado Toast (V)  I  $8.5 

organic avocado, multi-grain toast, vinaigrette dressed greens, house pickled radish, seasoned pepitas, chives, red pepper.
Add poached or scrambled egg  + $1.5


Ricotta Toast with Fruit  I  $8.5 

house whipped ricotta, berry compote, fresh berries, orange zest on brioche toast.


Market Veggie Bowl  I  $10 

purple cauliflower rice, poached egg, diced cucumber, micro cilantro, roasted cherry tomato, lemon, chive oil, sea salt.

Mama Flores’ Pulled Chicken Sandwich  I  $12 

a family favorite. mild latin spiced pulled chicken breast, avocado, swiss, butter lettuce, aioli, toasted brioche roll, side of  kale dressed in lemon vinagrette.



Yogurt, Grains & Oats

Strawberry Rose Yogurt Bowl  |  $6.5 

organic house vanilla greek yogurt, strawberry rosewater compote, granola.


Matcha Berry Oats  |  $7.5 

rolled oats and chia seeds soaked overnight in matcha and almond cashew milk, topped with berry compote, seasonal fresh fruit, slivered almonds.

Granola, Milk and Fruit   |  $5.5 

granola, fresh spring fruit, choice of milk.
Add house almond cashew milk  + 1

Available Saturday and Sunday


Classic Vanilla Buckwheat  |  $11 

buckwheat, vanilla, almond cashew milk (non dairy choice of house honey or mixed berry butter.


Banana and Dark Chocolate  |  $12  

classic buckwheat vanilla waffle, fresh banans, dark chcolate shavings, honey butter, fresh banana whipped cream.
Add organic peanut butter + $1

Strawberries and Cream  |  $12 

classic buckwheat vanilla waffle, seasonal berries, honey butter, fresh strawberry whipped cream. 


Vegan Vanilla Buckwheat  |  $12 

buckwheat, vanilla, almond cashew milk (non dairy) egg substitute, seasonal fruit compote.